Thursday, December 3, 2009


PREGINET uses cacti. It is used for graphing PREGINET partners' network bandwidth and system resources at the NOC. It has a visualization feature called a weathermap that gives a bird's eye-view of the current status (network utilization) of the whole network. Together with the smokeping application, PREGINET's network monitoring system is capable of notifying the network engineers of down links via email in real time.

Trouble Ticketing System:
Currently, PREGINET is implementing an internal trouble ticketing system called Trac to keep track of network issues such as down links, system errors, and security attacks.

Network Probe - network monitor
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Bytemon can be used to monitor resource availability and usage as well as performance data of all kinds, such as network performance parameters (bandwidth usage, protocols usage), system performance parameters (CPU and memory usage), the availability of network resources, and the network latency of access to remote devices and services.

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Traffic Monitoring: Bandwidth and Usage Monitoring of your networking equipment (hubs, routers, switches)
Network Protocol Usage Analysis: Packet filtering allows you to analyze network traffic by protocols, source/destination IP etc.
Performance Monitoring for servers and any networked devices (network printers, network storage)
Availability and Latency Monitoring of remote devices and servers like mail servers or web servers
Bytemon allows you to quickly and easily set up and run a distributed monitoring system for networks of all sizes. With just a few mouse clicks you can analyze the amount of data flowing through routers and leased lines, monitor CPU utilization, or check disk space usage.

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